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Hunting Grounds




Hunting Grounds is an anticipation zombie Horror movie set in a possible future where people have been forced to go to big cities and stay there as a reaction to the uncontrollable degradation of natural resources after a moratory was decreted at the planetary level. The only people allowed outside are some military personel, government officials, some scientists and private compagnies exploiting either wood, mineral, water or any natural resource. The movie takes place 17 years after the moratory was officialised. In this probable future, the virtual world expanded to a level of realism that transcends reality. The most popular activities in the virtual world are related to the nature as a result of the impossibility for most people to go there. One of them is a hunting game of incredible realism. A Group of people will be able to get out of the city to go for a real hunt. Nothing could quite prepare them for what's to come...

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Canadian poster from the movie Hunting Grounds

Main Cast

  • Paul Austin
  • Simon Roy
  • Lexa Monroe
  • Aria Palmer
  • Francine Hudon
  • Sébastien Mathieu
  • Conrad Mathieu
  • Jonathan
  • Max Hatthaway
  • Soldier #1
  • Gen. Georges Gray
  • Commodore
  • Lt. Michelle Mason
  • Gate Soldier
  • Col. Jay Adams


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