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Area 51 Confidential




Presented under the guise of a "military training video for new hires at the facility known as Area 51", we follow the plight of a handful of individuals - a broadcast journalist, a documentarian, a teenage girl from Roswell, an army Colonel, and a man who had previously been thought "missing" for a number of years - as they awaken in the desert area surrounding Area 51. With no knowledge of how they arrived there, they must sort out their differences and find a way out - before strange lurking creatures find them first...

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Us poster from the movie Area 51 Confidential

Main Cast

  • Alex
  • Clem
  • Col. Kyle Henricksen
  • Lazar
  • Kat
  • Kris
  • Matt Lyons the Alien Expert
  • Marc
  • Morgan
  • Area 51 Agent / Voices
  • Area 51 Agent
  • Voices


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • 051: Confidential (us)

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