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Monster in the Closet




San Francisco is the scene of a series of bizarre murders and all the murders have taken place in the victims closets. A local newspaper editor sends his obituary writer, Richard to follow up on what he believes is a routine story, meanwhile, the murders continue. A lovely couple as well a blind man fall victim to the MONSTER IN THE CLOSET. When the monster finally decides to come out of the closet, the President declares a national emergency and sends the army commanded by General Thurnbull to destroy it. Scary, hilarious, madcap and totally unpredictable...

Us release date: January 30, 1987

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Us poster from the movie Monster in the Closet

Main Cast

  • Richard Clark
  • Professor Diane Bennett
  • Sheriff Sam Ketchem
  • Father Finnegan
  • Dr. Pennyworth
  • General Turnbull
  • Roy
  • Old Joe Shempter
  • Ben
  • Scoop
  • 'Professor' Bennett
  • Margo
  • Monster
  • Lucy
  • Deputy Spire

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