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Slugs: The Movie




It all began in a sleepy Midwestern community, a place that had never known evil...until now. But years ago, in a stillness beneath the waters, something sinister happened, and now its deadly spawn are emerging from the depths into the light. What are these hungry, mutated creatures after? Any piece of flesh they can get, including human beings! Multiplying at an incredible pace, can these slimy monsters be stopped?

Spanish release date: September 16, 1988

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Spanish poster from the movie Slugs: The Movie (Slugs, muerte viscosa)

Main Cast

  • Mike Brady
  • Kim Brady
  • Don Palmer
  • Maureen Watson
  • John Foley
  • Maria Palmer
  • Sheriff Reese
  • David Watson
  • Bobby Talbot
  • Donna Moss
  • Mayor Eaton
  • Officer Dobbs
  • Frank Phillips
  • Ron Bell
  • Harold Morris



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