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Raiders of the Living Dead




In a frightening abandoned prison off the East Coast, a doctor has revived executed convicts as "the Living Dead." A teenager has taken the laser out of a video disc player and made a weapon out of it. When the dead creatures are discovered, he pursues them, aided by his girlfriend and grandfather. A reporter on the trail of the story is helped by the old librarian. On the prison island, the Zombies attack a security guard and tear him apart just as the reporter and the kid with the laser gun arrive to rescue a victim in the prison's caverns...

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Us poster from the movie Raiders of the Living Dead

Main Cast

  • Morgan Randall
  • Dr. Carstairs
  • Shelly Godwin
  • Michelle
  • Dr. Kapek
  • Karen
  • Librarian
  • Mrs. Levitt
  • Detective Kruger
  • Man in Black
  • Jonathan
  • Truck Driver

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