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Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death




Beneath the quaint spender of a San Francisco mansion there lurks an unspeakable evil. There, deep in the bowels of his underground lab, Jekyll conducts a bloody experiment with human life in desperate attempts to recreate his great grandfather's secret serum. Assisted by his lobotomized sister and a giant black cripple, Jekyll searches the dark streets of night for unsuspecting victims who are to become his tortured guinea pigs. Failure brings desperation as Jekyll holds a professor's daughter hostage to get him to cooperate with his mad plan.

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Us poster from the movie Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Death

Main Cast

  • Dr. Henry Jekyll
  • Professor Atkinson
  • Julia Atkinson
  • Hilda Jekyll
  • Boris
  • Malo
  • Sgt. Maloney
  • Subject of Experiments
  • Subject of Experiments
  • Subject of Experiments
  • Subject of Experiments
  • Subject of Experiments


Also Known As

  • Dr. Jekyll's Dungeon of Darkness (inc)
  • The Jekyll Experiment (uk)
  • The Dungeon (us)

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