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Earth II




In the peaceful space colony called Earth II, even toy guns are banned. But something far more dangerous threatens this ideal world: a Chinese satellite armed with three nuclear warheads. The citizens of Earth II decide to disarm the warheads, despite China's warning that anyone who interferes will instigate a thermonuclear World War III. Can men and women of peace triumph over the awesome power of nuclear weapons?

Us release date: November 28, 1971

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Us artwork from the TV movie Earth II

Main Cast

  • David Seville
  • Jim Capa
  • Dr. Loren Huxley
  • Frank Karger
  • Lisa Karger
  • Walter Dietrich
  • Ilyana Kovalefskii
  • Anton Kovalefskii
  • President Charles Carter Dur
  • Matt Karger
  • Hannah Young
  • Steiner
  • Hazlitt
  • Chairman
  • Russian

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