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A group of people living in a small town in the north woods are suddenly confronted with a beast that has been awakened from a sleep of countless years... that ravages the countryside in search of human prey to satisfy its blood need. Doc Wednesday, Ginny Glenn, Sheriff Neal Rydholm and Dr John Warren are caught in the centre of this drama. They are confronted with a horror so beyond belief that it seems inconceivable it could happen in these modern times. Somehow, this creature must be stopped...

Us release date: March 06, 1984

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Us poster from the movie Bog

Main Cast

  • Ginny Glenn / Adrianna
  • Sheriff Neal Rydholm
  • Dr. Brad Wednesday
  • Dr. John Warren
  • Alan Tanner
  • Chuck Pierce
  • May Tanner
  • Kim Pierce
  • Deputy Jensen
  • Wallace Fry
  • Terry Taylor
  • Bill Beckley
  • Jim Hotchkiss
  • Deputy Corbett
  • Deputy Siegel

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