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Humanoids from the Deep




When government scientists genetically alter serial killers with fish DNA, they create amphibious monsters. The creatures escape, thriving on toxic chemicals dumped by local fishermen. Threatening to annihilate a small coastal town, the bloodthirsty killers slaughter its men and abduct its women for mating. Horrified by their grave error, the scientists team with military forces to destroy the creatures before word of their experiment gets out. Scientists Emma Samms (Dynasty) alerts the townspeople of the danger. Robert Carradine (John Carpenter's Body Bags) also stars in this ecological thriller as a fisherman who joins forces with Justin Walker (Clueless) to destroy the humanoids and rescue the captive women before the monsters can multiply...

Us release date: September 14, 1996

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Us artwork from the TV movie Humanoids from the Deep

Main Cast

  • Dr. Drake
  • Wade Parker
  • Matt
  • Bill Taylor
  • Kim Parker
  • Deputy
  • Sheriff Barnes
  • Major Knapp
  • Duffy the Coroner
  • Male Reporter #1
  • Fran Taylor
  • Timmys Mother
  • Porter
  • Rod
  • Activist #1


Also Known As

  • Roger Corman Presents 'Humanoids from the Deep' (inc)

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