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10.5: Apocalypse




Another massive 10.5 quake tears apart the West Coast, threatening to turn the American landscape into a hellish wasteland. Seismologist Samantha Hill sees an even greater threat: an ever-widening fault line that's heading straight for the country's two largest nuclear reactors. If a meltdown occurs, millions will die. Samantha and the American President agree only one man can help them - the scientist who predicted this terrifying natural disaster years before - Samantha's own Father, Dr. Earl Hill, now counted as a possible casualty of a massive Las Vegas quake. Together with a crack rescue team including Brad and Will, Samantha must find her father and stop the fault from slicing uncontrollably toward millions of people and the ultimate nuclear apocalypse...

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Us artwork from the TV movie 10.5: Apocalypse

Main Cast

  • Dr. Samantha Hill
  • Brad Malloy
  • Dr. Jordan Fisher
  • Will Malloy
  • Natalie Warner
  • Dr. Miguel Garcia
  • Laura Malloy
  • Stacy Warner, FEMA Director
  • Alec Becker
  • Sean Morris, Hollister's Aid
  • First Lady Megan Hollister
  • First Daughter Amy Hollister
  • Russ the Poker Player
  • Jackson the Bartender
  • Dr. Earl Hill

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