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10.5: Apocalypse




Another massive 10.5 quake tears apart the West Coast, threatening to turn the American landscape into a hellish wasteland. Seismologist Samantha Hill sees an even greater threat: an ever-widening fault line that's heading straight for the country's two largest nuclear reactors. If a meltdown occurs, millions will die. Samantha and the American President agree only one man can help them - the scientist who predicted this terrifying natural disaster years before - Samantha's own Father, Dr. Earl Hill, now counted as a possible casualty of a massive Las Vegas quake. Together with a crack rescue team including Brad and Will, Samantha must find her father and stop the fault from slicing uncontrollably toward millions of people and the ultimate nuclear apocalypse...

Us release date: May 21, 2006

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Us artwork from the series 10.5: Apocalypse

Main Cast

  • Dr. Samantha Hill
  • Brad Malloy
  • Dr. Jordan Fisher
  • Will Malloy
  • Natalie Warner
  • Dr. Miguel Garcia
  • Laura Malloy
  • Stacy Warner, FEMA Director
  • Alec Becker
  • Sean Morris, Hollister'
  • First Lady Megan Hollister
  • First Daughter Amy Hollister
  • Russ the Poker Player
  • Jackson the Bartender
  • Dr. Earl Hill

Also Known As

  • 10.5 (us)

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