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Unknown Island




Almost 50 years before "Jurassic Park..." an amateur photographer, his fiancee and their companions take a perilous journey to a place where dinosaurs, giant sloths and other prehistoric creatures thrive. Filmed in vibrant Cinecolor at a time when many movies were confined to black and white and featuring eye-popping special effects, "Unknown Island," directed by Jack Bernhard, offers a thrilling look at modern man's confrontation with the primordial past.

Us release date: October 15, 1948

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Us poster from the movie Unknown Island

Main Cast

  • Carole Lane
  • Ted Osborne
  • John Fairbanks
  • Capt. Tarnowski
  • Sanderson, 1st Mate
  • Crewman Edwards
  • Crewman Golab


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