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The Doll




A French science fiction film with strong political overtones, set in a Latin American country that is run by banker Gora and Col. Cybulski. A revolutionary, also played by Cybulski, has set out to overthrow the government and kill the colonel. The colonel is mysteriously assassinated. Gora's wife, Teal, becomes the new figurehead of the revolution. Unknown to all is the fact that she is more or less a robot, thanks to molecular multiplication. Her husband controls the "doll" and has her lead the rebels to their death...

French release date: November 07, 1962

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French poster from the movie The Doll (La poupée)

Main Cast

  • Colonel Octavio Prado Roth /
  • Marion Moren / La Poupé
  • Guillermo Moren
  • Mirt
  • Professeur Palmas
  • Sayas
  • Gant de Crin
  • Theodora, la vieille Indienn
  • Joachim
  • Gervasio
  • Pascual
  • Terremoche
  • Gonziano
  • ...
  • Une politicienne

Also Known As

  • He, She or It (inc)

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