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Dark Souls




Johanna is jogging in the woods, when she's suddenly attacked by a man in an orange jumpsuit. Her assailant drills a hole in her skull and leaves her for dead. When the police calls Johanna's father Morten to ask him to identify his daughter's body in the morgue, he tells them that she has just walked in and is sitting in front of her PC. But there's something wrong with Johanna. Black oil is flowing from her eyes and the only message she's able to type on her screen is one long cry for help. And she's not alone. All over town, people are attacked by men in orange jumpsuits with electrical drills. The victims all suffer from the same symptoms, with their bodies slowly disintegrating in front of their loved ones.

The authorities are baffled. Morten can no longer bear to see Johanna's suffering and decides to find those who did this to his little girl. Frustrated with the lack of results from the local police, Morten takes it on himself to investigate the attacks and tracks the killer back to his hideout in secluded manufacturing plant where he begins to uncover the secrets behind the assaults and piece together the mysteries surrounding the killer. Finding the mysterious darkness within is the source of the bizarre world he has uncovered.

Norwegian release date: January 14, 2011

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International poster from the movie Dark Souls (Mørke sjeler)

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