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Silent Rage




Sheriff Stevens (Norris) is faced with the dilemma of stopping the invincible murderer, made virtually indestructible through genetic engineering. A young group of researchers are responsible for developing the genetically altering serum, and the head of the research institute is determined to continue the experiments, regardless of the consequences...

Us release date: April 02, 1982

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Us poster from the movie Silent Rage

Main Cast

  • Sheriff Dan Stevens
  • Dr. Tom Halman
  • Dr. Philip Spires
  • Alison Halman
  • Dr. Paul Vaughn
  • John Kirby
  • Charlie
  • Nancy Halman
  • Mrs. Sims
  • Biker Leader
  • Tatooed Biker Mama
  • Biker at Cafe
  • Biker Mama at Bar
  • Biker Mama at Bar
  • Jimmy the Guard

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