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Nightmare City




When a radioactive spill causes mass contamination, thousands of infected citizens are transformed into bloodthirsty undead fiends. But these are not your standard stumbling gut-munchers; this is an all-out attack by fast-moving, flesh-ripping, ass-kicking maniacs that can only be stopped by a bullet to the brain. Get ready for an all-you-can-eat buffet of gunfire, gore and gratuitous aerobics where zombies run, chaos reigns and heads explode. This is Nightmare City!

Spanish release date: February 23, 1981
Italian release date: December 11, 1980
Mexican release date: August 29, 1981
Us release date: November 18, 1983

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Us poster from the movie Nightmare City (Incubo sulla città contaminata)

Main Cast

  • Dean Miller
  • Dr. Anna Miller
  • Sheila Holmes
  • Major Warren Holmes
  • Cindy
  • Dr. Kramer
  • Jessica Murchison
  • Mr. Desmond
  • Liz the Maid
  • Colonel Donahue
  • Lieutenant Reedman
  • Bob
  • TV Station Technician
  • Général Murchison

Also Known As

  • La invasión de los zombies atómicos (es)
  • Город зомби (inc)
  • Invasion by the Atomic Zombies (inc)
  • Incubo (it)
  • Invasion de los zombies atómicos (mx)
  • City of the Walking Dead (us)

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