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Bill Crafton, a vengeance-bent hunter searching for the ominous creature that carried off his daughter months before. Into Crafton's stalking grounds come Jack, Carrie, Cindy, Tom and Fred, five young people on a quest of their own. Ultimately trapped in the green hell of Demonwood, Crafton and the youths come face to face with a host of both prime-evil and extraterrestrial horros unlike any imaginable-including bigfoot-like manimal of nightmarish rage, an army of unstoppable zombie slaves and a carnivorous alien terror whose lethal venom induces an excruciating, never-ending torment of death!

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Us poster from the movie Demonwarp

Main Cast

  • Bill Crafton
  • Jack Bergman
  • Carrie Austin
  • Tom Phillips
  • Fred Proctor
  • Cindy Ossman
  • Betsy
  • Tara
  • Minister
  • Julie Crafton
  • Clem
  • Hiker


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