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The Lift




Black humor dominates in this macabre story about a murderously animated elevator and its repairman Felix (Huub Stapel) and Felix's voluntary new assistant Mieke (Willeke van Ammelrooy), a reporter for a tabloid paper. When the elevator decapitates a security guard and tries to suffocate some party-goers, it becomes obvious that it needs more than a 60,000-mile check-up. After Felix narrows down the possibilities to some experiments his company is doing with microchips, he is coincidentally suspended from his job - indicating that the elevator is not acting alone...

Dutch release date: May 11, 1983
Us release date: July 04, 1985

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Us poster from the movie The Lift (De lift)

Main Cast

  • Felix Adelaar
  • Mieke de Beer
  • Saskia Adelaar
  • Vrouw in Lift
  • Vrouw in Lift
  • Man in Lift
  • Man in Lift
  • Ober
  • Gérant
  • Ober
  • Ober
  • Nachtportier
  • Dochertje
  • Zoontje
  • Dagportier



$455 000

Also Known As

  • Goin' Up (inc)
  • Лифт (inc)

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