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Angel of H.E.A.T.




She's cool, she's calculating, she's cunning. She's about to save the world. Oh, and yes, she just happens to be incredibly seductive. Angel Harmony... resourceful spy, martial arts expert, extraordinary secret agent, a woman whose sensual arsenal is unparalleled, is "hot" on the trail of an evil genius bent on the destruction of life as we know it. Government agents, missing ultra-sophisticated semi-conductor chips, androids, gunfights, explosions - all wrapped up in the race against time to thwart evil, and the sexy Angel Harmony is the ultimate beguiling heroine...

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Us poster from the movie Angel of H.E.A.T.

Main Cast

  • Angel Harmony
  • Mark Wisdom
  • Samantha Vitesse
  • Harry Covert
  • Andrea Shockley
  • Albert Shockley
  • Hans Zeisel
  • Mean Wong
  • Peter Shockley
  • Randy Small
  • George
  • Tiny
  • Android Guard
  • Faux Pas Emcee
  • Himself


No available information for now.


Also Known As

  • The Protectors, Book 1 (us)

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