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From Russia with Love




James Bond (Sean Connery) squares off against the evil SPECTRE organization in a pulse-pounding race to seize the Soviet Lektor decoding machine. His mission thrust him into a thrilling boat chase, a brutal helicopter attack and a deadly brawl aboard the Orient Express, proving once again that Agent 007 can't be stopped!

British release date: October 11, 1963
Us release date: May 27, 1964

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Unknown poster from the movie From Russia with Love

Main Cast

  • James Bond
  • Tatiana Romanova
  • Kerim Bey
  • Rosa Klebb
  • Donald Grant
  • M
  • Sylvia Trench
  • Morzeny
  • Vavra
  • Train Conductor
  • Kerim's Girl
  • Miss Moneypenny
  • Vida
  • Zora (also as Martin Beswick
  • Kronsteen



$2 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$78 900 000

Also Known As

  • Ian Fleming's 'From Russia with Love' (uk)

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