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Virtual Revolution




Neo Paris, France. The year is 2047. A time of technological revolution. The revolution did happen. Just not the way people thought it would. The population is now divided between a big majority, the Connected, always online, and a minority still attached to reality, called the Living. Some never really made a clear choice. They are the Hybrids.

Nash is a Hybrid. He is also a killer, working for one of the world corporations behind several of the most important virtual worlds. His mission is to track, identify and kill terrorists who threaten these worlds by killing players randomly, from inside the games. Nash’s girlfriend was among the victims. Now his investigation leads him from inside Neo Paris slums to the opulent Neo District, but also from inside several virtual worlds. While he finally succeeds in infiltrating one of the terrorist cells, he then finds himself in the middle of a dangerous game between his employer, Interpol, which decides to solde the problem directly, and these terrorists with noble goals but questionable means…

The revolution did happen. Just not the way people thought it would…

French release date: October 12, 2016

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Also Known As

  • 2047 - Virtual Reality (inc)

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