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Power Rangers Samurai




A new generation of Power Rangers must master the mystical and ancient Samurai Symbols of Power which give them control over the elements of Fire, Water, Sky, Forest, and Earth. Under the guidance of their all-knowing mentor and the aid of their devoted animal Zords, they battle the dark forces of the Netherworld and a mysterious Warrior bent on destruction. (

Us release date: February 07, 2011

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Unknown artwork from the series Power Rangers Samurai

Main Cast

  • Jayden
  • Mia
  • Green Samurai Ranger
  • Blue Samurai Ranger
  • Emily
  • Mentor-Ji
  • Octoroo
  • Farkas 'Bulk' Bulkmeier
  • Spike Skullovitch
  • Dayu
  • Antonio Garcia
  • Deker
  • Serrator
  • Narrator

Also Known As

  • Saban's Power Rangers Samurai (us)
  • Power Rangers Super Samurai (us)

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