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Power Rangers Wild Force




Cole Evans is a stranger in the little town of Turtle Cove, and doesn’t feel like he belongs. He discovers the legendary ancient land of Animaria and is thrust into a new adventure, as the leader of the Wild Force Power Rangers. Cole loves animals, but when he encounters the evil Orgs and their leader Master Org, the Power Rangers embark on a battle to protect the world. Meanwhile, Cole discovers his past : the destinies of his parents and Master Org were entwined.

The new Wild Force Power Rangers each discover special animal powers as they retrieve the lost Wild Zords. However, even these powers are put to the test when an Org general opens the tomb of Zen-Aku, an ancient enemy determined to defeat the Wild Force Rangers. The Rangers learn that Zen-Aku was once an Ancient Warrior – one of the forebears of the Power Rangers – under a curse. They restore him to himself and henceforth he helps the Rangers. In a climactic battle, the Rangers must stop Master Org from using a kidnapped princess in a ritual to create an Org heart. Mission accomplished, the Rangers return to normal life. (

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Unknown artwork from the series Power Rangers Wild Force

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