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Power Rangers Time Force




In the year 3000, an elite crime fighting unit known as Time Force hunts down the Earth's last known fugitive, Ransik, who has made plans to travel back in time and conquer a past era. He is apprehended by Alex, a Red Ranger, and member of Time Force. Ransik is taken to cryo-prison by Time Force operatives Jen, Katie, Lucas, and Trip. On their way, Ransik escapes, aided by his daughter Nadira and fellow villain Frax. The three villains set up baseat the cryo- prison, where Ransik makes the jump back in time, taking Nadira, Frax, and several cryogenically frozen criminals.

An archaeological dig unearths a powerful artifact - the Quantum Morpher. It eventually falls into the hands of Eric, who uses his power as the Quantum Ranger to retrieve the Quantasaurus Rex zord from prehistoric times. After helping to deliver a baby, Nadira has a change of heart, and wants to reconcile humans and mutants. In a vicious battle between Ransik and the Rangers, Nadira is injured, and Ransik is overcome with remorse – he surrenders to Time Force. It’s time for the Time Rangers to return to their own era. (

Us release date: February 03, 2001

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Unknown artwork from the series Power Rangers Time Force

Main Cast

  • Red Time Force Ranger
  • Trip Regis
  • Blue Time Force Ranger
  • Jennifer 'Jen' Scotts
  • Katie Walker
  • Nadira
  • Mr. Collins
  • Ransik
  • Circuit
  • Silver Guardian
  • Eric Myers
  • Frax
  • Gluto

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