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Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Return of the Magna Defender




Planet Earth's most popular teen superheroes have hyperblasted their way to adventure aboard the space colony, Terra Venture. Their ultra-important mission? Keep the mysterious and powerful Lights of Orion out of the hands of the evil Scorpious. But when the former hero, Magna Defender, gets into the race for the Lights, the Power Rangers can't be sure if he is friend of foe. Will the powerful five be able to turn Magna Defender from the path of vengeance before he destroys Terra Venture? Power up for action as Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: The Return of The Magna Defender rockets you on a magna-ificent ride that's more exciting than a supernova!

Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Return of the Magna Defender features 5 episodes as segments : The Magna Defender (#9), The Sunflower Search (#10), Orion Rising (#12), Orion Returns (#13), Redemption Day (#15) from the series Power Rangers Lost Galaxy.

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Us artwork from the movie Power Rangers Lost Galaxy: Return of the Magna Defender

Main Cast

  • Kai Chen / Blue Galaxy Range
  • Damon Henderson / Green Gala
  • Leo Corbett / Red Galaxy Ran
  • Kendrix Morgan / Pink Galaxy
  • Maya / Yellow Galaxy Ranger
  • Trakeena
  • Mike Corbett
  • Commander Stanton
  • Alpha 6
  • Alpha 6
  • Zika
  • First Little Girl
  • Second Little Girl
  • Hostage Girl
  • The Magna Defender (voice)


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