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Power Rangers Turbo




Space pirate Divatox visits Earth and kidnaps an alien wizard named Lerigot. She wants to use his magical key to go to Muranthias and free her fiancée, Maligore. The Rangers upgrade to Turbo Powers to face this new threat. Rocky sends Justin in his place to become to the new Blue Ranger and help the team on Muranthias, where they use the Turbo Zords to destroy Maligore. Furious, Divatox swears vengeance on the Rangers, and returns to terrorize Angel Grove with detonators and monsters.

The Rangers continue to battle Divatox with the help of new mentor Dimitria, and new assistant Alpha 6, who arrives after Zordon and Alpha 5 leave. Tommy, Kat, Tanya, and Adam graduate from high school and are relieved of their duties as Power Rangers, and pass their powers to a new generation of Rangers - TJ, Carlos, Ashley, and Cassie. The new Rangers are helped in their battle against Divatox by the mysterious the Phantom Ranger, who literally appears out of nowhere. His identity remains secret, and he eventually leaves Earth, but not before giving the Rangers powerful new Zords called the Rescue Zords. Divatox destroys the Power Chamber. Robbed of their power, the Rangers leave Earth in a space shuttle in search of Zordon, who has been kidnapped by Dark Specter. (

Us release date: April 19, 1997

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Unknown artwork from the series Power Rangers Turbo

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