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The Borrowers




Have you ever misplaced a sock? Some jewelry? Do you think you know where you left a pen or a spool of thread only to find that it isn't there? This perturbing state of affairs has a very simple explanation...The Borrowers. John Goodman stars in this action-packed, special effects-filled adventure based on Mary Norton's beloved novels...

British release date: December 05, 1997
Us release date: February 13, 1998

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Us poster from the movie The Borrowers

Main Cast

  • Ocious P. Potter
  • Exterminator Jeff
  • Pod Clock
  • Homily Clock
  • Arrietty 'Ett' Clo
  • Peagreen Clock
  • Spud Spiller
  • Pete Lender
  • Joe Lender
  • Victoria Lender
  • Police Officer Steady
  • Town Hall Clerk
  • Dustbunny Binn
  • Minty Branch
  • Swag


$29 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$54 045 000

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