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Le collectionneur des cerveaux




A young pianist who has just lost her fiancé, a brilliant chess player, meets the genious Comte de Saint-Germain, creator of automats with incredible talents. She attends a chess game against a humanoid robot. Disturbed, she can not stop thinking about her deceased fiancé and decides to investigate his sudden death ...

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French release date: October 23, 1976

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French artwork from the TV movie Le collectionneur des cerveaux

Main Cast

  • Penny Vanderwood
  • Lewis Armeight
  • Le comte de Saint-Germain
  • Vladieu
  • Diego
  • Madame Vanderwood
  • Le président
  • Le garçon de café
  • Robert Tournon
  • Le gendarme
  • Le robot joueur d'échecs
  • Un automate
  • Un automate


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No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Les robots pensants (fr)

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