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One morning Andrey Luptsov (Sergei Babkin) did not recognize his life. The once bustling city was deserted. The sky overhead was jade-green and unfamiliar. The things left in a rush, the abandoned vehicles, convoys of military equipment and rare frightened passers-by were in the world, which opened before his eyes. We can see the world changing. The few remaining townspeople disappear or die due to unexplainable reasons. Where to go, if your once familiar world is becoming more and more confusing every second? In search for answers Andrey starts a journey together with his neighbor, Ivan (Bogdan Stupka). Along the way he meets an unconscious ballerina Bella (Agniya Ditkovskite) and taking care of her starts to distract him from what’s happening. Would his love to Bella help him find salvation? The film "Rejection" is a drama-phantasmagoria about the amazing love in very unusual circumstances...

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Ukrainian poster from the movie Rejection (Ottorzhenie)



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