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Snow is a loose-cannon government agent convicted of a crime which he did not commit. When it comes to breaking the rules, he is the best in the business. He is offered his freedom if he can rescue the President's daughter from a prison in space which has been overtaken by its prisoners...

French release date: April 18, 2012
British release date: April 20, 2012
Us release date: April 13, 2012

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Us poster from the movie Lockout (Lock Out)

Main Cast

  • Snow
  • Emilie Warnock
  • Alex
  • Hydell
  • Harry Shaw
  • Scott Langral
  • Hock
  • John James Mace
  • Barnes
  • Kathryn
  • President Warnock
  • Hostage Negotiator
  • Duke
  • Slick
  • LOPD Technician 1


$15 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$35 559 000

Also Known As

  • MS One: Maximum Security (fr)
  • Section 8 (fr)
  • Lock-Out (us)

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