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Stringfellow Hawke, a reclusive renegade pilot is assigned to top-secret missions for the CIA by the mysterious "Archangel". Hawke's weapon of choice is the high-tech battle helicopter of the future, Airwolf. Loaded with cutting-edge surveillance equipment and unbelievable firepower, Airwolf takes Hawke and his friend Dominic around the globe in search of dangerous international spies and criminals...

Us release date: January 22, 1984

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French artwork from the series Airwolf

Main Cast

  • Stringfellow Hawke
  • Michael Coldsmith Briggs III
  • Dominic
  • Caitlin O'Shannessy

Also Known As

  • Воздушный волк (inc)
  • Blackwolf (us)
  • Lobo del aire (us)
  • Lonewolf (us)

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