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Punishment Park




In a desert zone in southwest California, a civilian tribunal passes sentence on groups of dissidents and gives them the option of participating in law enforcement training exercises in the Bear Mountain National Punishment Park. In an atmosphere of aggression and intimidation and in soaring temperatures, the prisoners have to fight for their lives as they are hunted down by the forces of law and order.

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French poster from the movie Punishment Park

Main Cast

  • First Tribunal Defendant
  • Defendant in the tribunal
  • Jay Kaufman, Tribunal Defend
  • Defendant in the tribunal
  • Nancy Smith
  • James Arthur Kohler, Tribuna
  • Charles Robbins
  • Allison Mitchner
  • William C. Hoeger, Tribunal
  • Mary Jurgens, Tribunal Membe
  • Sen. Harris
  • Mr. Keagan
  • Alfred J. Sully - Tribunal M
  • Prof. Hazlett
  • Paul Reynolds - Tribunal Mem


Also Known As

  • Парк наказаний (inc)

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