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Gantz: Perfect Answer




Determined to resurrect friends who have died in battle, Kei and other members trapped in the "in-between" world of GANTZ are aiming to score the 100 points needed to break through. An emergence of a mysterious investigator, however, complicates the situation further. The battle continues on as the two dimensions start to merge together. Some fight for love, and others fight for justice. At the end, who will sacrifice the most?

Japanese release date: April 23, 2011

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Japanese poster from the movie Gantz: Perfect Answer

Main Cast

  • Kei Kurono
  • Masaru Kato
  • Tae Kojima
  • Eriko Ayukawa
  • Joichiro Nishi
  • Ayumu Kato
  • Man in Black 1
  • Man in Black 2
  • Man in Black 4
  • Man in Black 5
  • Man in Black 6
  • Shinichi Kobayashi
  • Reiko Kitakura
  • Koki Takahashi
  • Masamitsu Shigeta



$22 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$32 855 000

Also Known As

  • Gantz: Kôhen (jp)

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