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Bio-anthropologist Dr Sloan Parker discovers a new species of humans. The drama begins with Sloan working with her mentor Dr Ann Coulter on a case involving serial killer Randall Lynch .... Dr Coulter is later murdered. Sloan continues her research with Dr Ed Tate. She learns the killer's DNA differs from humans and that he is not alone. The new breed intend to become the new dominant species. Tom Daniels appears claiming to be from the FBI but he is really a member of the new species sent to kill Sloan but he doesn't and their relationship begins!

Us release date: January 15, 1998

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Main Cast

  • Dr. Sloan Parker
  • Tom Daniels
  • Dr. Walter Attwood
  • Ray Peterson
  • Dr. Ed Tate
  • Defense Attorney
  • FBI Agent
  • ...
  • Judge
  • Randall Lynch
  • Cop
  • Prosecutor
  • Dr. Ann Coulter
  • Officer


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