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Invaders from Space




Wanting the Earth for themselves, scaly-skinned Salamander Men from the planet Koolamon begin eviction proceedings by assaulting humans with their radioactive breath, a space virus, high decibel sound waves, a Salamander nurse with a penchant for scaring kids, and -- most fiendish of all -- a diabolical dance company! Thankfully, the bizarre creatures that form the High Council of the Emerald Planet send Starman, their cosmic crusader in bulging tights, to save the Earth from the amphibious Invaders From Space. As expected, Mr. Starman promptly goes into a whirlwind of leaps, back flips, and karate chops that turn our peace-loving-alien-and-friend-of-children-everywhere into a frenzied killing machine out to kick reptile butt!

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Unknown artwork from the TV movie Invaders from Space

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