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Rise of the Gargoyles




The mysterious trail of mangled human corpses is only the bloody beginning for the secret terror buried beneath a condemned Parisian church. Suddenly unleashed for their subterranean crypt - and very much alive - the ancient, winged creatures have risen on a mission of destruction. What's happening is not just a killing spree. It's Judgment Day! Now only a small band of mere mortals, including an American professor (Eric Balfour, 24), are destined to battle the most deadly evil of all...

Us release date: June 21, 2009

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Unknown poster from the TV movie Rise of the Gargoyles

Main Cast

  • Prof. Jack Randall
  • Nicole Ricard
  • Walsh
  • Inspector Gibert
  • Father Gable
  • Carol Beckham
  • Workman
  • Workman
  • Bum
  • Rock Chick
  • CSI Officer
  • Gibert's Assistant
  • Cop
  • Pizza Man
  • Inspector Gibert (voice)

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