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In the future, the government has banned all forms of media, although Megaville continues to broadcast violent transmissions. After murderer Jensen is captured, undercover cop Palinov (Billy Zane) is sent to Megaville to investigate the killer's ties to the area. Because of a device implanted in his head, Palinov becomes confused about his identity: is he a cop or is he Jensen? And what are the true motives of the head of the Media Police?

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French poster from the movie Megaville

Main Cast

  • Newman
  • Palinov / Jensen
  • Heller
  • D.A.L. Girl
  • Duprell
  • Dr. Vogel
  • Mrs. Panilov
  • Speaker
  • Hotel Clerk
  • Christine
  • President Hughes
  • Anchorwoman
  • TV Reporter
  • Vargas
  • Taylor


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