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Beast Man Snow Man




The original Japanese story concerns the discovery of a large prehistoric Adbominable snowman-like creature in the Japanese Alps by a group of hikers. When a travelling circus crew attempts to capture the monster, they accidentally kill the monster's offspring instead. This enrages the larger snowman who kills the circus men, destroys a native village, and kidnaps the lead female. The hikers, along with the sole survivor of the native village, track the monster to its cave. The native girl saves the female hiker by attacking the snowman. The girl and the monster fall to their deaths inside a volcanic pit. (Wikipedia)

Japanese release date: August 14, 1955

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Japanese poster from the movie Beast Man Snow Man (Jû jin yuki otoko)

Main Cast

  • Takeshi Iijima, alpine club
  • Chika, villager
  • Machiko Takeno, Iijima's lov
  • Professor Tanaka, anthropolo
  • Nakata, alpine club member
  • Tribal Chief
  • Oba, animal broker
  • Chubby Thug, Oba's men
  • Shinsuke Takeno, Machiko's y
  • Villager
  • Kurihara, alpine club member
  • Shinagawa, alpine club membe
  • Matsui, hotelier
  • Kodama, reporter
  • Takeno, Machiko' older broth



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  • S (inc)

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