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Dead Sea




2002 – Afghanistan, American troops KIER THAN and CASTOR POLLUX investigate the disappearance of a squadron of SEALS over a reservoir near the Afghan border. The disappearance is attributed to a “serpent beast” which is said to re-appear every thirty years in various areas of the planet to feed. Though their initial instinct is to brush off the story and investigate further, they have a special connection to this “beast”.

Present Day, Southern California – Castor and Kier – back at home and now involved in various miscreant activities in the region – witness what to many may be an unexplained phenomena – the mass of water that the town which they call home is located on is experiencing the drastic dying off of its marine life. The state is called in and a specialist named Victoria Amissus – herself a native of the town – is called in to investigate. However, Castor and Kier know what is actually going on – they know that this great serpent has returned to their home, and now must prepare the town for their “offering”.

Us release date: April 15, 2014

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Us poster from the movie Dead Sea

Main Cast

  • Said
  • Eve
  • Auriel Servus
  • Claire
  • Cass
  • Kier Than
  • Bartender Bill
  • Adam Than
  • Anna
  • Local
  • Sheriff Hughes
  • Victoria Amissus
  • Lt. Willis
  • Castor Pollux
  • Morris the Mule


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Black Lagoon (us)
  • Carnivorous (us)
  • Creature of the Dead Sea (us)

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