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Watchers II




Watchers II continues the terrifying saga of two genetically altered life forms turned loose. One is a super intelligent golden retriever with an uncanny ability to communicate and reason. The other is a hybrid monster, a non-human assassin created to track the dog and destroy all who come in contact with it. The golden retriever finds and befriends a fugitive from the Marine Corps (Marc Singer). The clever dog prompts the Marine Captain to call an animal psychologist from the top secret lab where the genetic manipulation occurred. Together with this trusted psychologist (Tracy Soggins), they attempt to elude the murderous monster and the gory trail of death closing in on them...

Us release date: August 16, 1990

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Us poster from the movie Watchers II

Main Cast

  • Jason
  • Paul Ferguson
  • Barbara White
  • Steve Malceno
  • Sarah Ferguson
  • Dr. Glatman
  • The Outsider
  • Smith
  • Wesson
  • MP #1
  • MP #2
  • Bell
  • Watson
  • Lab Assistant
  • Lead Protestor #1


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