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Essence of Echoes




A government experiment gone wrong results in an unstoppable madman created by Dr. Hilcott (Bill Mosely) using DNA from the world's most notorious serial killers. Known as "The Figure," the mad man is murdering people in an effort to reveal the secrets of the experiment and the conspiracy to cover it up. Methodical, precise and shockingly horrific as one crime scene leads to the next, "The Figure" is tracked by a beautiful FBI agent (Sharisse Baker-Bernard) and her partner (Michael Worth), leading to a gut wrenching confrontation that will leave you in shock...

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Unknown artwork from the movie Essence of Echoes

Main Cast

  • FBI Agent Kyle McShinsky
  • FBI Agent Julia Gates
  • Dr. Hilcott
  • Jim Clayton
  • The Figure
  • FBI Agent Paul Gibbs
  • FBI Agent Stokes
  • Jenny Bowles
  • Young Julia Gates
  • FBI Agent Sanchez
  • Mrs. Moorehouse
  • Fire Chief
  • Det. Simons
  • Agent Rodriguez
  • Peter Bowles

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