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In the 23rd century, humanity has spread to the stars and planets in Earth's solar system. Civilization is a patchwork of a hundred worlds, most with weak governments and weaker laws. It is a golden age for criminal bounty-hunters who exploit this lawlessness and use the incredible technology of the future to prey on others. A former luxury space liner, the Tulip, is now a bounty-hunting vessel commanded by Travis (Sunset Beach's Clive Robertson) who searches the galaxy in search of his father. He's joined on his quest by cosmic hunter Rudolpho, holographic AI system Carravagio, sexy special services officer Callista, rebellious engineer Percy and bad boy Marcus. Now the fight for justice is set among the stars...and the showdown is about to begin...

Canadian release date: August 09, 2003

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Unknown artwork from the series Starhunter

Main Cast

  • Travis Montana
  • Percy Montana
  • Callista (Callie) Larkadia
  • Marcus Fagen
  • Rudolpho deLuna

Also Known As

  • Starhunter 2300 (us)

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