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Beyond the Moon




A shocking announcement comes from the furthest reaches of space - Professor Newton has turned traitor, joining forces with the renegade planet Officius. Vena Ray, an interplanetary translator, arrives at the Headquarters for Space Affairs with news that the Professor has in fact been brainwashed and is being kept against his will. Rocky Jones sets off to free Newton and Vena demands to come along. Rocky thinks the mission is too dangerous for a woman, but when the evil Officiuns unleash their brainwashing powers on the Space Rangers, Vena is their only hope for escape...

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French poster from the TV movie Beyond the Moon

Main Cast

  • Rocky Jones (archive footage
  • Winky (archive footage)
  • Vena Ray (archive footage)
  • Ranger Griff (archive footag
  • Queen Cleolanta (archive foo
  • Bobby (archive footage)
  • Professor Newton (archive fo
  • Secretary Drake (archive foo
  • Darganto (archive footage)
  • Ranger Clark (archive footag


No available information for now.

Also Known As

  • Beyond the Curtain of Space (inc)

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