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Silver Needle in the Sky




Champions of justice in the 21st Century, Space Ranger Rocky Jones and his crew are sent to escort a group of planetary ambassadors to a United Worlds Conference. The gathering is intended to promote peace throughout the universe. Evil femme fatale Cleolanta sabotages the event by capturing the delegates and uses them as pawns in a devilish scheme. Rocky must now call upon his deepest reserves of strength and courage to foil Cleolanta and rescue the hostages so that the conference for peace can proceed...

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French poster from the movie Silver Needle in the Sky

Main Cast

  • Rocky Jones
  • Vena Ray
  • Prof. Newton
  • Dr. Loran
  • Winky
  • Ranger Andrews
  • Atlasande
  • Dr. Hillary Tyson
  • Bobby
  • Secretary of Space Drake
  • Cleolanta
  • Magni


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