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Planet Patrol




Young guardians of the universe. The Planet Patrol Team, four teens dedicated to protecting the innocent citizens of the universe from evil intergalatic forces, face the battle of a lifetime as LORD DOOM and his horrible minions. After Doom selects Earth as home for his repulsive collection of deadly creatures, the Team swings into action, fighting off a huge living dinosaur skeleton, a "killer monster" and finally a gigantic savage robot in a valiant effort to defend the galaxy and its inhabitants. Though thoroughly overmatched by Doom, the Team utilizes quickness to tackle the formidable war machine in a battle to the death...

Us release date: November 09, 1999

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Us poster from the movie Planet Patrol

Main Cast

  • Fierson
  • Curator
  • Technician / Shape Machine
  • ...
  • Computer (voice)
  • Kraa
  • Monroe
  • Patrolman Garth
  • Patrolman Curtis
  • Alma James
  • ...


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