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Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge




Spiderman gets tangled up in a web of international espionage and oriental intrigue. The Minister of Industrial Development of The People's Republic of China, Min, has been falsely accused of selling Chinese military secrets to the Americans during World War II. Forty years later he arrives in New York to clear his name, and enlists the help of his old friend, newspaper publisher J. Jonah Jameson, to find three American ex-marines who can prove his innocence. Meanwhile back in Hong Kong, there is a wealthy industrialist who has a multi-million dollar project riding on Min's removal from office. In New York, Peter Parker becomes involved in both the investigation and protecting Min. Ultimately the trial leads to Hong Kong, where Spiderman faces a host of Martial Arts masters in order to save Min's life and reputation.

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German poster from the TV movie Spider-Man: The Dragon's Challenge

Main Cast

  • Spider-Man / Peter Parker (a
  • J. Jonah Jameson (archives)
  • Rita Conway (archives)
  • Julie Masters (archives)
  • Emily Chan (archives)
  • Evans (archives)
  • Mr. Zeider (archives)
  • Professeur Roderick Dent / J
  • Min Lo Chan (archives)
  • Quinn (archives)
  • Docteur Pai (archives)
  • Joe (archives)
  • Major Collings (archives)
  • Lieutenant Olson (archives)
  • Bertino (archives)


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Also Known As

  • The Chinese Web (us)

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