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When 90's teens David and Jennifer get zapped into the perfect suburbia of the black & white '50's sitcom, PLEASANTVILLE, what results in a "visionary adventure" that Siskel and Ebert give "Two big thumbs up!" Pleasantville's perfect people include a mild-mannered soda jerk, a socially repressed mom, and a father who always knows best. But, when '90's pop culture clashes with '50's family values, chaos ensues, turning the town of Pleasantville upside down and black and white into color.

British release date: March 12, 1999
Us release date: October 23, 1998

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Us poster from the movie Pleasantville

Main Cast

  • David
  • Jennifer
  • George Parker
  • Betty Parker
  • Bill Johnson
  • Big Bob
  • TV Repairman
  • Margaret Henderson
  • David's Mom
  • Howard
  • Christin
  • Kimmy
  • Health Teacher
  • Science Teacher
  • College Counselor



$40 000 000

Worldwide Box-office
$49 805 000

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