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Dollman vs. Demonic Toys




The Demonic Toys are back! This time Officer Judith Gray seeks the help of miniature-sized cop, Brick Bardo, and his equally small girlfriend, Nurse Ginger. The Toys hole up in an evil deserted factory, waiting for a body for the master demon to inhabit. When Judith runs into trouble, it's up to Brick to keep the Toys from summoning the powers of darkness to Earth...

Us release date: October 13, 1993

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Us poster from the movie Dollman vs. Demonic Toys

Main Cast

  • Brick Bardo
  • Nurse Ginger
  • Bum
  • Collins
  • Police Officer
  • Cab Driver
  • Ray Vernon
  • Judith Gray
  • Baby Oopsy-Daisy (voice)

Also Known As

  • Demonic Toys 2 (us)
  • Dollman 2 (us)
  • Dollman vs. the Demonic Toys (us)

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