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Retro Puppet Master




Andre Toulon's days before he became the Puppet Master were spent running an avant-garde puppet theater in pre-World War I Paris and loving Ilsa, the beautiful daughter of the Swiss ambassador. When she gets kidnapped by the servants of an ancient god Sutekh, he is forced into a life and death struggle as he makes a stand against the deathless power of an ancient god - in order to save the woman he loves...

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Us poster from the movie Retro Puppet Master

Main Cast

  • Andre Toulon
  • Ilsa
  • First Servant
  • Afzel
  • Older Andre Toulon
  • Second Servant
  • Third Servant
  • Latour
  • Valentin
  • Vigo
  • Duval
  • Beggar
  • Father
  • Margarette
  • Leader


Also Known As

  • Puppet Master 7 (us)
  • Retro Puppetmaster (us)

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