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Blue Monkey




This bizare tale of horror begins in a greenhouse where a mysterious plant rubs its first victim the wrong way. So wrong, in fact, that he lands at County Memorial Hospital where he gives "birth" to a hideous, worm-like creature! Police Detective Jim Bishop (Steve Railsback) and Doctors Glass and Carson (Susan Anspach, Gwynyth Walsh) manage to contain the "thing", but within hours, the Blue Monkey has developed into a grotesque insect of gigantic proportions. Now roaming the corridors, looking for its favourite food -- human bones --, the creature is virtually indestructible. When it produces an egg-laying female, only one course of action seems apparent. (Josh)

Us release date: September 25, 1987

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Unknown poster from the movie Blue Monkey

Main Cast

  • The Creature
  • Detective Jim Bishop
  • Dr. Rachel Carson
  • Elliot Jacobs
  • Marwella Harbison
  • Fred Adams
  • Dr. Judith Glass
  • Paramedic
  • Oscar
  • Orderly #1
  • Joey
  • Marcy
  • Tyrone
  • Ellen
  • Dede Wilkens

Also Known As

  • Green Monkey (inc)
  • Invasion of the Bodysuckers (inc)
  • Insect (us)

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