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Josh Hutcherson, Dane Cook and Spencer Locke star in Detention, a hipster, teen horror-comedy where the local students of Grizzly Lake must survive their final year of high school. Standing in their way is Cinderhella, a slasher-movie killer who has seemingly come to life and is preying on the school’s student body. As the clock ticks and the bodies pile up, the likely suspects are embroiled in a race against time to stop Cinderhella and ultimately save the world… if only they can get out of detention.

Us release date: April 13, 2012

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Us poster from the movie Detention

Main Cast

  • Clapton Davis
  • Principal Verge
  • Ione
  • Riley Jones
  • Mike
  • Beauty Beast Victim
  • Billy Nolan
  • Nerd
  • Alexis Spencer
  • Sophomore Chump
  • Cinderhella
  • Elliot Fink
  • Doug Jones
  • Mr. Nolan
  • Mr.Cooper


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